Youth Services: Preparing our Students for Success

Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

Students at First Coast High School (FCHS) are working on a fundraiser to raise money for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  They are planning to sell baked goods at school to help support the organization. We would love to enroll more mentors at FCHS to help support the transition of these students towards graduating from high school.  A mentor is a positive adult role model who offers guidance and support to a young person. Mentors meet weekly or twice a month with students to help them set goals and explore careers.

Students at Orange Park High School are building a robot from VEX: a robotics design system.  They are learning how to work together as a team to build, program, and design a robot.  Eventually, they would like to compete with the nation at a VEX Robotics competition.

Forest High School students have been learning about the job tasks of a retail sales associate at a clothing store.  They have been learning how to greet customers, fold and hang clothes, and different departments in a clothing store.  Last week, the students put together their own floral arrangements and learned about the different jobs a Florist has.  They practiced delivering flowers to a customer and learned about all their job duties.

RAMP is now at Hilliard High School in Nassau County.  The students there are setting long term goals for themselves and getting to know their new mentors.
Article: Brittany O’Grady RAMP Coordinator  

High School/High Tech in Baker and Nassau Counties
Baker and Nassau County HS/HT programs have been very active this school year! The Baker County high school students have started off the year with guest speakers from Hubbard House, Bradford Union Technical Center, and the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida just to name a few. They have also been on a tour to the Gerdau Ameristeel Steel Mill for a job shadowing tour which the students found to be very informative and it also gave them a good insight into the world of work.
Nassau County has been busy as well. Nassau County serves 3 schools including Hilliard High School, Fernandina Beach High School, and Yulee High School. The students at the participating schools have participated in many job shadowing tours this year including; Target, Chili’s Restaurant, and Publix Supermarket.
These thriving HS/HT programs are in need of volunteer guest speakers and businesses that are willing to host summer internships. If you are interested in volunteering your time and our service to either of these counties, please contact Mya Smith Baker/Nassau HS/HT Program Coordinator at (904) 399-8484 x-315.
Article: Mya Smith Baker/Nassau High School/ High Tech Coordinator

High School/ High Tech in Duval County
Duval High School High Tech is wrapping up the school year with two larger workshops. We have employers from all over Duval County assisting in Mock Interviews at our workshop on March 8. Local businesses participating include Chili’s, Firehouse Subs, Pet Paradise, Walmart, CVS, Footlocker, Battlegroup Communications and the IRS. Our other large workshop is on May 10th and is focused on rewarding our students for their participation and hard work in High School High Tech this school year. Currently, the focus has shifted to our Summer Internships and finding opportunities for our students to explore their career interests and build work experience. We are looking for different organizations that may be able to work with our students on developing critical job skills and expose them to different employment opportunities.
Article: Jillian Hartshorne Duval County High School/ High Tech Coordinator

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